Friday 26 August 2016

Wartime, Saskatchewan July 16, 2016

Abandoned church. You see a number of them in very rural Saskatchewan. I have seen where people have moved into some or used them for storage. Some you see vandalized. This one looks like it has been left alone. I attended church services at sparodic times in the past. I may change that in the future. I do like the buildings and they once meant a lot to people. People have major events in their life held in these places and it does bother me a bit that some abandoned churches get treated with a lack of respect. If you cannot save them I would rather see them gracefully fade away undisturbed over time rather than used as someone's barn. Just a personal opinion.  


  1. Comes from my Baptist upbringing, I think. A church, no matter how great or how small, is God's house and should be treated as such. Any other use and particularly vandalism, seems just wrong.

  2. I love the steeple...hate the idea of it deteriorating...especially being used as a barn. BUT, I can imagine it being a well loved home. Enjoyed the commentary and photo.

  3. I have this soft spot for old abandoned churches. Like you, it bothers me to see them used in ways not intended, or worse still vandalized. Church BBQ time?