Monday 29 August 2016

Catholic Church, Dorothy, Alberta 1944 - 1967

Stopped here August 13, 2016. The church has been restored and is not in regular use. Dorothy itself is a ghost town. There was more here years ago. Some the buildings have been removed or demolished. There is a grain elevator left that will not last too much longer. A storm ripped off the roof of the elevator.

The stove is a "Warm Morning Model 520". 

I think I got lucky with this photo. This church is at the north end of Dorothy. The Red Deer River is at the base of the hills in the far background.


  1. Great photos, love that the church is being cared for. The stove is a gem...and the "Ant Highway"...totally fun!

    Is this the same place as the lady in the phone booth?

  2. What a pretty little church that is. I like the photo through the windows. And the highway sign for ants is great!

  3. On a cold Winter's morning, I wonder who got to sit next to the stove? Great photograph, BW! Like the ceiling and the framed pictures used for the Stations of the Cross.