Wednesday 3 August 2016

Swift Current, Saskatchewan and me or the road trip continued

Up at the crack of ten in the morning where I threw my stuff together and guzzled a large coffee. Back on the road reversing part of the trip from the day before to Moose Jaw and Assiniboia. My main reason is that I saw that part of Saskatchewan in the dark and I might have missed something. It turns out I did not miss anything. If you have never been to Moose Jaw I found it confusing to get around at night. Different story during the day.

Once back in Assiniboia I headed east on Highway 13 until I got to Highway 36 which I took south all the way through Coronach east to where it became Highway 18 and then north on Highway 34. Once I got off Highway 13 I never saw anyone else on a motorcycle which was easy to figure out why after a few miles. I am the only one dumb enough to travel these horrible somewhat paved highways on a motorcycle. Strangely enough I saw a guy driving a Porsche on these roads. I was considering taking Highway 36 south to cross the Canada/USA border again except it looked worse than the highway I was on.

East of Coronach, Saskatchewan July 31, 2016
The bugs on the highway were unreal. They are also big in Saskatchewan. I ducked a few times at highway speed because I thought I was going to hit a small bird in flight. The bugs are that big. Not to mention it was hot. I think I lost a few pounds due to sweating. 

South of Bengough, Saskatchewan July 31, 2016.
Once Highway 34 hit the junction of Highway 13 I headed west all the way to Lafleche north on Highway 58 to Gravelbourg. Gravelbourg is a very nice place and the highway from Lafleche to Gravelbourg was in great shape. Unfortunately the good smooth highway ended there. The highway north of Gravelbourg looked lousy. So I headed west on Highway 43 which was a brutal section of road. Not wanting to be a quitter I kept on it until I met up with Highway 4 where I went north to Swift Current. 

Once in Swift Current I needed a coffee. I was contemplating heading straight back home which would take me about four hours and I might make it back at about midnight. I called a hotel in Swift Current and they had a room available and no internet in most of the hotel due to technical difficulties. I politely said I would really like internet if they had a room that had it. She said she would have one if I did not mind the second floor.

I pulled into the hotel and the lot was almost full. I was hoping there was a room and they were not booked solid. I got to the hotel and she said she would upgrade me. She might have done this as she said her husband rode a motorcycle and he was off on a road trip. I got to the room and got a bit of a shock. I got a suite with a king size bed at the base rate. Turns out the internet did not work in the room however I really did not care at this point. On the other hand I did have a massive bed all to myself. Tomorrow would be straight back home, enough adventure for now.


  1. Really enjoy the commentary along with the photos! Good stuff!

  2. Cool!! From Assiniboia, you are about 20 min from the town my grandpa grew up in. It is now a ghost town.