Tuesday 30 August 2016

Useless superpowers

I have a few odd abilities. None of them are any good.

For some reason people think they know me from somewhere. I must look familiar or have sort of an every man look about me. It happened again today. I was buying a few groceries and a guy come up to me and said "Didn't we work together in Cold Lake?' I politely told him he was mistaken. I have never been to Cold Lake.

I seem to have an easily recognizable voice. Not in a Gilbert Gottfried kind of way. I think I sound like anyone else. I can call up people I have not talked to in a few years and I only have to say a few words and they instantly remember me. This is one reason why I do not commit any crimes. If I did once they hear me they will say "That's the guy!"

Lastly institutions easily lose me. A prime example was when I was taking university courses after work and after one year at this one place I was signing up for a new course. The university told me that I did not exist in their system. I had to produce a student ID and a prior transcript before they found me again. This has happened more than a few times.  

I would trade any of this for a bit of lotto luck.


  1. The only superpower I have is that I am called "Sir" on the phone when talking to a stranger. :) Best work on that lotto thing.

  2. Hahaha...Nice! Mighty Mouse...I'm here to save the day!

  3. Had to laugh at that one! I sound just like Fran Drescher with a Joisey accent. Count your blessings, BW! :o)