Tuesday 9 August 2016

Musidora, Alberta Church

You can see this just off Highway 45 in Musidora, Alberta. The building off the the side is the bell tower. I doubt the church is being used. It looks like it has been restored. The front door is locked and painted shut. There are lots of churches in this area of the province of this type. I am sure there is a Roumanian Church in the area that I have to get to one of these days.

Badly faded. I could make out "100 Year Anniversary Ukrainian Orthodox Church".


  1. The church looks very well maintained, wish they would care for the signage too. Nice photos.

  2. Interesting design on the iron railing on the steps, too! Good find!

  3. What a nice little church. I wonder why the bell tower is off to the side rather than on the building.

    1. It is common for these churches to have a separate bell tower. I cannot recall the reasoning behind it.

  4. It's now over five years since this was posted and am just seeing it today for the first time. Nice church and bell tower. Btw...it's the 1000th Anniversary that's being celebrated.