Tuesday 16 August 2016

Somewhere along Highway 13, Saskatchewan

Spotted on July 30, 2016. Someone has a collection of old vehicles. I had posted a couple of these on an online forum with the location. I was informed that the landowner is a very private individual so I am not going to say where these were taken. I have deleted some photos from this post to remove any references to the location. There are about thirty vehicles of this vintage and they are not visible from the highway and they are all in this condition. It was an interesting sight.

The wheels on this one have wooden spokes.


  1. Those are fantastic!

    When we go visit Mom and Dad, there is an old car as we get into their town, that I claim as mine..I don't know what it is..like a Bonnie and Clyde car, it has been restored, a real beauty! Last week we drove by and it was gone, I was sad. On the way home...it was back...so was my smile!

  2. What a waste...Would love to have one of those to build.

    1. I recently found out a little bit about the landowner. He is apparently restoring stuff so this might be part of his restoration project.