Wednesday 30 September 2020

Random abandoned Saskatchewan

Northwest of Rosetown, Saskatchewan. The house and barn look abandoned. The barn is used for storage and the land is actively farmed.

Six Horse Plow

A monument that incorporates a six horse plow from 1930 and a steam locomotive bell donated by the C.N.R. in 1950.  Celebrate Saskatchewan!

Photographed in Hoey, Saskatchewan.

- Michael Truman
Past Presence Website

Stalwart, Saskatchewan elevator

I believe Stalwart had three elevators at one time with a population of over three hundred people. One elevator remains and hardly any people. I liked how this looked from the highway.


Tuesday 29 September 2020

No trip to Saskatchewan would be complete without a photo of

Near Venn, Saskatchewan. If I had any drawing skills it would be a Venn diagram.


Another fine read from my friend Glen

Station, no train

This is a few miles east of Dorenlee, Alberta. Dorenlee is a little east of where Highway 21 meets Township Road 432. Keep following Township Road 432 east one mile past Range Road 205 and you can see this standing in a field on the north side of the road.

Dorenlee does not exist anymore. This is the old Dorenlee train station that was moved to this spot years ago. Rumour has it that someone moved it out here with the intention of making it their home. That project stalled. Instead it sits abandoned in a field. 

Monday 28 September 2020

Northwest of Rosetown, Saskatchewan along Highway 31 September 27, 2020

Did a three day trip to the wilds of Saskatchewan and back. Got some places crossed off my list. I am feeling tired today.

Spotted in Stony Beach, Saskatchewan


Rosedale United Church 1933

Ran across this by chance while exploring the countryside northeast of Wainwright, Alberta. Very nice plain country church. It was locked when I tried to get a look inside.

Beautiful fall colours at the cemetery behind the church. I wish it would have translated to the photo a little better.

Sunday 27 September 2020

Random barn

Northwest of Botha, Alberta.

Abandoned elevator in Liberty, Saskatchewan


Giles School 1912 - 1961

Northeast of Wainwright, Alberta. A lot of schools have markers. This was was so overgrown I walked right up to move the brush to see the dates.

Behind the marker was another marker so I got the dates from that. According to the marker the school was named after Giles James, one of the first settlers in the area.

The school is in an overgrown field and I did not try to look inside. This was a quick stop on my way home.

Saturday 26 September 2020

Unfortunately no pirates

Spotted in Penzance, Saskatchewan.

Tree post

Somewhere in Saskatchewan.

Spidergate - not a scandal involving spiders

Spotted this in the wilds of Alberta south of Amisk. These are gates on a farm yard.

Friday 25 September 2020

Old school

Big Gap School 1919 - 1954 south of Highway 599 on Range Road 73A in Alberta. Highway 599 runs east of Castor, Alberta. I was perusing Google and found this one by chance. I thought it was a school when I saw it on the satellite view and when I found the time to drive there it turned out to be Big Gap School. 

The sign is overgrown and easy to miss. The building is in rough shape. I think cattle have been in it several times.

Behind the school was a foundation so there must have been another building like a teacherage.

Thursday 24 September 2020

Three From Above

Taken along the Winnipeg Floodway. If you squint you can see the tiny train in the distance that I had recorded with my drone. As I was flying the drone back to my location, I had to record a few hay bales for this blog.

The path in the background is great for a long bike ride . . .

Steve Boyko

The old stone house

This is southwest of Amisk, Alberta. Stone houses are rare in Alberta. It is restored and open to the public.

The upper level.

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Some posts may be buggy

Spotted by Dale Redekopp near Deville, Alberta.

Celebrating three years of an event that happened close to one hundred years ago

I spotted this during a day trip in Alberta. I checked a few sources later and there was never any town named Kessler. There was a post office that operated from 1911 - 1966 called Kessler. I could not find any mention of a Kessler Stampede.


Abandoned Alberta

Spotted this old farm near Kinsella, Alberta last Saturday. It was a hazy day from smoke from forest fires from British Columbia. My meager photography skills were put to the test to get a decent photo. I had to adjust the first one later because it came out too dark.


Tuesday 22 September 2020



Quick take - Centre Lodge School

I know nothing about this one. This is a former one room school a little south of Thorsby, Alberta. It is probably used as a community hall these days. Nicely kept up. I do not think I have seen a one room school of this design before.


Abandoned Alberta

Spotted in the ghost town of Bulwark, Alberta.