Wednesday 2 September 2020


If I have material I try to organize posts and schedule them ahead of time. I already have my Christmas Eve post, Christmas post, Remembrance Day post, Year End post (two of them for that day), and my New Year's Day post scheduled. I do have post or two in reserve. For anyone that knows me this is kind of weirdly organized for me compared to how I usually do things that are not blog related. If I run across stuff during the year that works for a certain date I will save it for that occasion.

Stranger still is that I only have a few posts scheduled for the next few days. 

Every summer I try to get out and get some summer scenes that I can stockpile for the winter. It is nice to break up winter posts with the occasional summer reminder. I can never quite succeed trying to do this in prior years as I usually get busy and never get around to doing it. I did make an attempt to do it this year however this has been a lousy summer. I did not get as much as I would have liked.

Currently I see signs of fall already. As with any year summer is leaving before I was done with it.


  1. I'm COMPLETELY disorganized at my blog. I'm lucky to get one out at all.

  2. "As with any year summer is leaving before I was done with it."
    I'd never heard it said like that before but that is as accurate a statement as I've heard in some time!

  3. I'm looking forward to fall...the best of all seasons.

  4. Summer ALWAYS leaves before I'm done with it. I'm trying my best to hold back time but it doesn't seem to be working.