Tuesday 1 September 2020

The motorcycle entry

Saturday August 29 I decided to take the motorcycle to visit my sister. It is about two hours and forty-five minutes one way from Leduc, Alberta to her place. Rather than go out for dinner I bought steaks, strip-loin which is what they like, and beer. I suggested it since her husband  likes to barbeque and is good at it. It left me free to visit and drink beer. They supplied the salad and vegetables. Red wine was also had since I like red wine with my steak.

The trip back on Sunday was not as fun. It is a four lane highway between Edmonton and Calgary. It was not warm and very windy. I think that was the worst wind I experienced on a motorcycle. I was surprised I did not see a few vehicles blown over. Some vehicles were driving under the speed limit with their hazard lights on while they were fighting with the wind. I got a little concerned a few times when I was hammered by some severe wind gusts and fought to keep the bike in my lane. I caught up to a highway truck and stayed close to try to escape some of the wind.

I made it home and was very chilled. I took a hot shower to warm up. This is not supposed to be August weather. I thought I would feel more beat up than what I was. I was more tired than anything.

Today I had the bike in the shop for an oil change. I had it in early, thirty minutes early, for my appointment. They did not get to it until over an hour after my appointment. I got it checked out for one last long trip this year for the upcoming Labour Day Weekend. It will need a few things that can wait. Actually this will be my only trip that will be an overnight trip this year. It has been a poor year for having a motorcycle in Alberta. Rain in May, June, and July. August has been the only decent month.

After this there may be a few short trips but it will be set to be stored before the end of October. I am optimistic next year will be better. A number of my plans and trips got scrapped. I am sure that is true for a lot of us.


  1. Glad you made it ok. It's not been a good year...

  2. If I were you, I would take care of the minor maintenance issues now, rather than later. Parts inventory may not be available later and preparing for winter hibernation with the repairs would be peace of mind. If nothing else, having those parts in hand to install later.

    I say this because one of my wife's vehicles has an A/C part (balancer) that has become difficult to find and for the short term, is unable to be repaired until the part is located.

    I'm glad your trip was successful and safe. It sounds like a good time was had by all.

    1. Good advice. I can get the parts, it will take over a month once they are ordered for me to get them. I will order them in a few weeks and if they arrive when the bike is stored the work can be done in the spring.

  3. We drove H2 from Red Deer on Sunday and the wind was pretty strong. No problem with the car but there were some trucks having a difficult time. Agree that this summer sucked when it comes to weather for road trips.

  4. That wind sounds like what we drove though when we came home through Saskatchewan - snow AND wind. Amazing how many transport trucks had been blown off the road. Can't imagine trying to keep control on a motorcycle in those conditions.