Thursday 3 September 2020


I go home for lunch to drop stuff off and find out that my hot water issue is fixed. The building manager let the plumber in to fix it. I ran into him when I was going in and he was coming out. It was decided that it was important for them to fix it right away so they can all go camping tomorrow. I would have preferred that someone would have told me there were there while I was at work. On the other hand the problem is fixed. The bill will arrive in due course.

Blogger is forcing the new format on us blogging types. I really dislike the new format. Companies just have to screw with things that were reasonably fine before. It is not better, it is just annoying and different.


  1. New Blogger does have a couple of improved features that I like, but basically I much prefer Old Blogger. New Blogger is a pain in the ass for uploading and positioning photos/memes/images. And of course my blog is heavy on all three.

  2. I liked the Old Blogger too. But your blog is still cool.

  3. Phew - glad the water issue is fixed, even though I know how you feel about having strangers wandering around your place when you're not there.
    As for the new blogger, it's not terribly bad but has some small annoying glitches that I hope they'll sort out in due time.