Thursday 3 September 2020

Of course stuff like this has to happen just before a long weekend

Ran the shower at about 6:30 this morning and got a slightly unpleasant surprise. My hot water is usually very not. Not this time. I had to turn the hot water tap to its limit to get water just warm enough to take a shower.

Did some of my usual morning stuff and phoned my local plumber after eight with the intent of leaving a message. To my surprise they answered. He asked me if I looked at the tank and if I knew what was wrong. I know nothing about plumbing and I did not even bother looking. They said they could have a guy over right away. Their business is only a few blocks from my place but I did not expect they would have time available first thing in the morning. They did have a plumber at my place within five minutes.

The issue seems to be an igniter. Which they do not have on hand. My condo complex was built with an odd size hot water tank for the units. One, and only one igniter, is in Edmonton. I always have an issue with this. In Edmonton and the surrounding area there are about one million people. Every time you need a part for anything no one seems to have it and it needs to be ordered or there is only one and you need to get it right away. Regardless I told them to fix it and bill me. I was then informed that if that does not work I should consider a new hot water tank. I said just try and fix it.

I did plan on a trip this weekend. With luck this can get resolved before Friday afternoon.


  1. I know all about cold water - and extremely hot water - because we go from one extreme to another with ours. The building management has been band-aiding the water heater for several years because they refuse to fork over the buck to replace it. Of course they don't bother to stop and realize that all they've paid out for 'band-aids' would have made huge inroads into the price of a new one (if not paid for it outright). I feel for you - and hope the repair is done without ruining your weekend plans.