Monday 7 September 2020

Road trip

Saturday morning on the motorcycle on the road from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta west to Saskatchewan Crossing (the people at Saskatchewan Crossing are bandits, gas was $1.53/litre) on Highway 11, then north through Jasper National Park on Highway 93 to Jasper, then to finish the day east on Highway 16 in Hinton, Alberta. Trip is about 400km. Two stops along the way to walk into two different waterfalls. Spotted goats and sheep at different points.

This is one of those rides where you take the time to enjoy the mountain scenery. I had read that there was possible snow forecast in the parks for Labour Day Monday. Loved the ride. Lots of sun, some clouds, smooth highway. Fall is coming too fast.

The ride home from Hinton was less enjoyable. The temperature took a fall from a high of 24 Celsius on Saturday to a high of 11 Celsius on Sunday. It was in the single digits on the ride home with a bit of rain.

I really need to get in better physical shape. I am tired and feeling beat up. Part of the problem is that I have hardly been on the bike this year. The larger part of the problem is that I need to exercise more. I will blame it on COVID.


  1. My brisk morning walks I started in Del Rio have really made a good difference for me.

  2. I've noticed some discussion on several different blogs about people wanting to get in better shape. DH and I used to mall walk three times a week but of course that came to a halt when the mall closed down in March. I guess it's open now but just the thought of trying to walk while trying to breathe in a mask is daunting. At least we can walk along the river but the weather keeps putting a stop to that too - it's either too hot or it's raining. I guess when it comes right down to it we're simply lazy!