Monday 22 April 2024

Side of my left knee

I will have an interesting collection of scars. From the last operation.

Things you do not expect

I have been in the hospital since the evening of February 16. There are a lot of things you are cut off from being in the hospital. A lot of simple things.

One of the things I miss is Coke. I love the stuff. After weeks of being in the hospital I got my hands on a bottle. I took a swig and I was . . . disappointed. It did not taste the same. It did not taste the way I remembered it. That was a few weeks ago. I have had a few more since then, I had one today. It is just not the same.

I find the same thing for coffee. I like my coffee triple cream one sugar. I usually had a cup or two every day. In my entire hospital stay I have had five cups of coffee. It is not the same either, granted hospital coffee is not good coffee. Maybe I will enjoy it once I get out and have better coffee. Maybe it will be cut out of my diet entirely. 

In a recent comment someone asked . . .

Why so much of what I photograph abandoned?

Simple. Abandoned places, churches, old schools, farm houses, ghost towns, and cemeteries are the subjects that most appeal to me. Not just any abandoned place, a lot of them are junk. It has to be interesting. I like visiting places that are off the main routes and take a bit of effort to get to. I like local history as well, a lot of places started and died off without much being known at all.

I like landscape shots and love waterfalls. I am always on the lookout for a good wildlife shot. I would love to get a good shot of a skunk. I admire people that can do great photos of people. Taking shots of people never seems to result in an image that I like. I am never happy with the result. 

Sunday 21 April 2024

Kenny Chesney - I'm Alive (with Dave Matthews)

Time for another summer photo

You win. 

I received enough comments telling me to keep posting and keep you updated. A few were quite direct telling me I was wrong and I can see the error of my ways. Something of some kind will be posted here and there.

Southern Saskatchewan, July 2023.