Thursday, 29 October 2020

October gets a little more interesting for me

Swapped to my winter vehicle, the trusty 2012 KIA Rondo last Monday. It was parked for six months because it is my winter vehicle. On the drive home I noticed the brakes pulsing noticeably. I called the shop that did the brakes only a year ago and booked an appointment.

This morning I had the car in the shop at eight this morning. An hour later the service guy came up to me and said the parts were going to be replaced under warranty and they were going to cover the cost of the labour. They even gave me the use of one of their vehicles for the day while mine is in the shop. I suspect there is more to the story however, since this is not costing me anything except my time I will leave it as is.

Tired . . .

I have been damn tired lately. Maybe it is the time of year.

Last Saturday I did some minor stuff that needed to be done and felt absolutely exhausted. Went to bed early and slept for about twelve hours. That is rare for me. Usually I find it impossible to sleep in or sleep for more than six or seven hours. A lot of times it is less.

On Sunday I forced myself to basically do nothing. I thought that I might be rundown so I dedicated my Sunday to a day of rest. I did not even leave my home. The most ambitious thing I did was laundry. I was able to quickly remind myself that I have a very hard time not doing anything and I get bored easily. I need to work on that.

I am a bit more energetic this week. It is likely the world these days is tiring. Putting up with all the day to day events is stressful and over time it wears you out. May the interesting times we are living in come to an end soon.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

One of my favourites is no longer with us

 Some of his best.

Flatbush Church

Thought I posted this one. I was going through some photos and I had put these aside for a post and never got around to posting them. This is an interesting church north of Barrhead, Alberta in the proverbial middle of nowhere. The sign on the grounds says Cross Lake Church. An internet search shows it by another name. It is no longer used on a regular basis and it was locked when I was there earlier this summer.

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Some days . . .

I had taken Monday off as I had to get things done for personal reasons with places that are not usually open on the weekends. Once I got that done I got my winter vehicle out of storage. I have four new winter tires on it and I was thinking I was ready for winter. I just got it barely down the road and noticed the check engine light was on. The brakes also felt off which is irritating since I had the brakes done over a year ago and the car only gets driven for half the year.

A check engine light could mean everything and nothing. Changed the oil, because it was overdue, and topped up the fluids. The check engine light did not come back on. I will keep an eye on that. Made a quick appointment with the shop that did the brakes to take a look.

Over the weekend the company I work for decided to reconfigure some programs to make certain programs run faster and they did an upgrade or two at the same time. Got into work today and found out that yesterday no one had access to anything. IT guy was in today to fix the issues. Once you could get into a file you could not view an attachment. My email set up to view emails was changed, not it is back to how I like it. Hopefully the issues are now fixed as everything seems to work. I have learned in the past that if company programs are going to be updated or the system is going to be upgraded you can be guaranteed that something will go wrong every damn time. The overall goal of all of this was to make the system faster. 

It is slower.