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Death and . . .


Taxes, taxes, taxes.

Since I am looking after all of mom’s affairs I am looking after her taxes as well. I could do them myself but mom is loyal to her accounting firm that has done them for many many years. I had to drive an hour to the town where her accounting firm is on Saturday and drop her paperwork into their after hours drop off. The things one does for one’s mother.

Mine are a little more complicated. I am somewhat organized, not highly organized. I admire people that have natural high-level organizational skills. Any of my stuff, anything I own, is usually subjected to a rough sort and left at that. When it comes to my taxes whenever I get one of my forms I immediately put it in order in my tax folder Then I make sure I put my tax folder in the exact same place until I have all my forms. If I do not, then I might “misplace” it. I have even made back up copies of everything. 

My accountant is much closer, half a block from my residence. I dropped off my stuff in person. They should have it back to me in a few weeks. I might be getting a refund. 


Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic Church (Jaroslaw) was built circa 1950. Due to a reorganizaion of the Jaroslaw Parish this church became redundant.  There was a Closing Divine Liturgy celebrated at the church in August 2008.  I understand the church was demolished in 2015. 

- Dale Redekopp.

Sunday, 19 March 2023

Très Bon!

A metal sculpture in the Big Stone, Alberta area.

At one time there was a sign between the horns advertising "Bon's Texas Longhorns." The sign is gone but now the antlers are covered with solar-powered mini-lights. Try to catch it after dark.

Très bon!

- Michael Truman

Friday, 17 March 2023

Adventures in telecommunications

Mom recently moved into a retirement community in December. I kept her phone line active in her condo that is up for sale because I thought it was needed to be buzzed into the building and also because I forgot to cancel it earlier.

You used to have actual customer service with utilities. In the past you could go to the actual phone company or one of their outlets and deal with a live person. I scanned her bill and found the phone number on the back of the bill in small print. I called it and got on of those computer programs. Pressing "zero" multiple times did not get me a live person. I think the current system is set up to discourage you from bothering them. Going through the menu multiple times (I started to get mad when it wanted to direct me to a website and email a PIN to access it) with me choosing multiple options finally got me a real live person. When I got the person on the line I asked them to confirm if they were a live person. I was getting fed up but you are held hostage to the situation since there are no other options to accomplish what you need done.

The real live person, once I got him, was quick and helpful. It was easy at that point to get the phone service canceled. Makes  you wonder why they cannot make it easy in the first place.

Beynon, Alberta elevator

This sits on a farm. The elevator itself is from Beynon, Alberta which is a ghost town. This farm is about three miles north from what was Beynon. I would have liked to see when it was moved many years ago as Beynon is in a valley and the road to this farm is a little steep.

Dale Redekopp sent these. I have photos of this elevator, these are better.

Brooksby, Saskatchewan elevator


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Fern Chapel School 1913 - 1949

Restored former one room school northeast of Elk Point, Alberta. I got here last Saturday to find there was a chain link fence in front of it. I wanted to get a photo of it without the fence in the photo. The area had snow the prior day or two. When I started to walk up to the fence to get a better shot I sank up past my knees in snow.

Any more photos will have to wait for spring.

Monday, 13 March 2023

Bell towers

When photographing rural churches we always look for the bell towers.  Mostly found with the Ukrainian churches, they can be very basic, traditional or elaborate.  Pictures are some of the more basic examples.  From Dale Redekopp.

Friday, 10 March 2023


This elevator is listed as abandoned and is located east of Melfort, Saskatchewan. It is an ex-National Grain / British-American elevator and was once known as Terre Bonne Farms. We spotted a critter, possibly a racoon, up near the cupola as seen in the close up (last photo). The British American signage is barely visible in one photo. The condition of this elevator is poor.

We photographed it in May 2019. - Dale Redekopp.  

Thursday, 9 March 2023

Barn post

I posted this one in 2016 when I drove by it then. I drove by this last month on a quick trip. This old barn has character. It is beside the highway in Yahk, British Columbia. I wonder if that Coke button is original. It might be worth something. 

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Gone Fishin'

A photo from last fall...

A fisherman out on Lake Winnipeg...the sun hadn't even risen yet. Hope he had a good catch that day.

- Michael Truman

Monday, 6 March 2023

The Turner House

There are a few old elevators, churches, and one room schools that have disappeared. They are getting fewer by the year. Last weekend I took a trip to see how what is left of this old stone house is faring. What is left is held up by some braces and hope. Time will eventually get this one.

Near Cessford, Alberta.

Sunday, 5 March 2023

The Alsike General Store is no more

After eighty-five years the general store in Alsike, Alberta has closed  up shop. For the longest time there really was not anything in Alsike except for this store. There is a much newer and modern gas station just a stone's throw down the highway from this one. The Alsike General Store was a general store that sold gas, some groceries, and had mailboxes inside. If you had a post office box there now you have to get your mail in Breton, Alberta.

There are few businesses of this type anymore. If you run across one, go in, and buy something before they disappear entirely.

Ten in a Row

An early spring morning near Schuler, Alberta. 

Bales are a fact of life out here in the country . . . but that doesn't make them any less beautiful.

- Michael Truman

Friday, 3 March 2023

Random blog post

I like country churches. Some years back when I bought a camera and started exploring the countryside one of the things I developed an interest in was rural country churches. One thing I learned is that I can never quite capture them the way Michael Truman does.

Past Presence: Lac Qui Parle (

Elevator Friday

This ex-Alberta Pacific elevator was originally located in Countess, Alberta and now resides on a farm at Gem Alberta.

By Dale Redekopp.

Thursday, 2 March 2023

Random abandoned Alberta

Snowing hard late afternoon with small fine snowflakes.

Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Bales by Cpt Mo

Shooting Lake School by Cpt Mo

This is a long abandoned one room school east of Stettler, Alberta.

Tuesday, 28 February 2023

The fence post post

Tried some minimalism.

Near Cessford, Alberta.