Monday 7 September 2020

Minor blog note

Ever since I started this blog I would have liked blogger to offer a wider range of font sizes. This is the normal size.

I am going to try posting with the next larger size offered. Is it better with this slightly larger font?

Or is it better with this even larger font size?

Let me know what  you think. I still hate the new blogger format.


  1. I like the largest one but anything larger than the present size would be an improvement. Thank you.

  2. old eyes like the big font

  3. I agree, either of the larger font sizes is better!

    Retired Cop

  4. The bigger the font, the less I have to squint at the screen. I'm increasingly blind as a bat. Getting old sucks.

  5. My aging eyes vote for either of the two larger sizes. That's on the computer. Just out of curiosity I looked at this entry on my phone, and !?!??! the first paragraph ("ever since") is largest, the 2nd pararaph ("I am going") is smallest and hardest to read, the 3rd ("or is it better") is only a bit larger than the 2nd.

    There's been speculation that some of the changes blogger made are to make posting/reading easier and faster on mobile devices, but this test makes me think "WTF?!" Why are the font sizes different on computer vs phone??? ungh.

    Anyway to close on a high note, I enjoy stopping by and seeing the lovely and character filled old buildings, critters, vehicles, and landscapes you post.

  6. Me too - bigger is better! I'm blaming the onset of cataracts but it's nicer if the font is larger.

  7. I check your blog daily. Personally, I like the original font size and my eyes will be 68 years young next week : )