Monday 8 August 2016

Twenty miles north of Havre, Montana

Spotted this on July 30, 2016 while heading towards Havre, Montana. I love running across stuff like this and this one turned out to be very interesting. It must be well built to survive this long. I took a look through the window and it looks like someone used it as a barn so no interior photos. Someone should have preserved it as it is an interesting piece of history. You see buildings like this in Canada as it is a common style. 

The signs read as follows:

"Cottonwood Community Homesteaded 1910"

"First School 1912"

"Cottonwood Hall 1914"

"Catholic Church 1928"

"Lutheran 1922"

"First Presbyterian 1915"


  1. Great photos, BW! I like the triangular windows on the sides! At least there is a marker to let you know what was there.

  2. What Chickenmom said. That old building has seen a lot of local history.

  3. I am with Chickenmom and the diamond windows in the entryway, the bell tower, imagine the sunlight coming in through the windows during service. Great find! Super photos! Well done sir!