Friday 5 August 2016

241 Grill and Tavern, Turner, Montana

I was in Turner July 30, 2016. Turner looks like a ghost town. There are people living there. Not a lot of apparent activity. The tavern seemed to be the only business in town. I took a few slow lazy turns around the town trying to decide if a certain building was a former train station. A couple of guys in a pickup waved me down and asked if I was looking for the gas station. They might have been Hutterites. I told them I was just interested in the old buildings. I asked if the tavern was open since there were no vehicles in front and it looked dead. I was also hungry. I was assured it was open. In fact they parked there seconds later and came out with beer.

I got in and the place was empty except for the bartender and five Hutterite women who were drinking beer. Officially Hutterites do not drink. Officially that is. I was told the draught was from Montana craft brewers. He had me at beer. So I ordered one followed by a chicken burger with a salad. Craft beer in the middle of nowhere Montana. It was damn good and I ordered a different one. The other one was excellent as well. They need to send this stuff to Canada. I also needed to stop drinking beer. I was going to cross the border after this and I did not need to get charged for driving under the influence and my motorcycle impounded.

It was not really a chicken burger, more like a large slab of chicken breast on a bun with no coating and lightly seasoned. The bartender cooked it. It was excellent and he is a good cook. Whatever they are paying him it might not be enough. By that time I was the only customer. I saw microwave pork rinds behind the counter and I am still kicking myself that I did not buy any to take with me. I also should have tried them. Opportunity lost or possibly a reason to return. I have driven to places for less.

As the saying goes, if you are ever in the neighbourhood . . .


  1. Sometimes you find the best food in out-of-the-way places. I like the urns of flowers by the old bench.
    Unusual for a tavern.

  2. Sounds like a great review for 241 Tavern...and if I am ever in the neighborhood...

    For the huge bugs, spilled fuel, bumpy roads and sitting out some weather, you found a few gems on your journey.

    Most excellent!