Thursday 4 August 2016

Hay bales and birds

Trying my hand at some photography. Taken at a large pond beside Highway 19 north of Chaplin, Saskatchewan on July 16, 2016. 

This one is a partial success. There were two hawks on this. I lined up the shot perfectly to catch both and my camera signalled that it did not have enough power. A quick battery change later and I was left with one on the hay bale. Several times I saw hawks on highway signs. They would not stay long enough for a photo.


  1. Success! I dig the reflective qualities of the photographs. The gull on the post/tree reminds me of Cali...nice!

  2. I always see hawks and need to get a good photograph of them...they are so interesting!

  3. Nice photos, BW! Hawks are beautiful birds. (Always wondered what would happen if one of those bales started to roll.....)