Saturday 24 September 2016

Twin Cities Hotel

Longview, Alberta August 27, 2016. Many years ago Longview was known for oil as well as ranching.

Old tow truck right out front.

Sometimes you get hungry and want food. So I stopped here. I have driven by here many times and never been inside. The all day special was Eggs Benedict. Since I missed the breakfast cut off I ordered the special. This place is a country establishment. My waitress walked up, gave me a blank look, then sat down at my table and stated she did not know what she was doing. Fair enough. I have had jobs like that in the past.

Sometimes you need coffee with breakfast. The coffee was so good I had two. Its other name is Warthog Ale. By the way the food was excellent. I will return sometime just for the food.

The ceiling tiles are all like this.

As I was leaving a Cadillac convertible pulled up with five identically dressed men in it. I was thinking it was a wedding party or some kind of club. They were all in cowboy hats, sport coats, jeans, and riding boots. The Cadillac had an 8.2l engine. As an aside there was a guy that owned one of these in a town where I went to high school. Identical car except it was purple with a white leather interior. Either way you do not see stuff like this anymore. I love Alberta.


  1. The whole scene - restaurant, ceiling, truck, Cadillac - sort of like stepping out of today back into yesterday. What fun!

  2. Sorta like Texas! Great pics, BW.