Monday 26 September 2016

Peace Lutheran Church

According to the marker here eight families pledged one hundred dollars each to build a church. The church was completed in 1925 and used up to the 1950's. It was the only Lutheran church in a forty mile radius. I encountered this south of Limerick, Saskatchewan on August 20, 2016.

I managed to get a look inside. Rural Lutheran churches are usually straightforward affairs. This one is very simple. It also needs a bit of restoration which I believe is planned. There was a note on the pulpit making a note of who was buried in the cemetery for future restoration purposes.

No stained glass. I do like the design.

This is really neat and this is new to me. No pews, just chairs secured by a wood plank. Simplicity taken to a new level. It also makes it easier to hold gatherings since they are not secured to the floor.


  1. What a great find - very unusual way to keep the chairs lined up! Love those windows, too.

  2. It looks very peaceful there...