Sunday 11 September 2016

Cravath Corners, Alberta 1910 - 1926

Nothing remains but the cemetery. I read some stuff online and there is a history posted by one of the residents. There was a settlement here with houses and a school in the vicinity. There was even a post office. Some of the first settlers lived in sod houses. I wanted to visit this place out of curiosity. I did not find anything remaining. The community kind of melted away years ago. This is east of Wardlow, Alberta on Range Road 113 south of Township Road 224. It is, like lots of places, in the middle of nowhere. Looking around I wonder why people decided this would be a good place to farm. The land is full of large rocks. You need large areas of land here for ranching.

I expected to find this abandoned. It is not. It is well cared for and there have been a couple of burials in the last five years.

A marker noting the original settlers..

The posted history is about seven pages and difficult to read due to the small scanned print.

This one is from 2014.

These three graves have saddles on them. Not actual saddles. They are made out of something. Very unique.

A few unknown marked graves.

These rocks that are used for headstones are what you find in the fields here.


  1. Very interesting! The saddles are something I have never seen before. Cool.

  2. Yet another spectacular find, BW. Good work!

    Yannow, I've always figured I would be cremated and have my ashes thrown to the winds... but a rebar cross would be a nice enough marker that a guy like me would appreciate... :)

  3. What a great find! Very very unusual markers. Be interesting to know the stories behind them. Cemeteries now-a-days have such horrible restrictions on grave sites.