Tuesday 13 September 2016

Me versus the road trip

Sunday September 11, 2016 I met up with a good buddy for a two day road trip. The great thing about my friend is that he readily joins me in carrying out half-formed plans. He has a motorcycle so the plan was to meet up in Drayton Valley, Alberta and ride our bikes to Jasper, Alberta. Then the next day south from Jasper to Rocky Mountain House via Highway 93 and 11. We would split up from there to go our separate ways home.

Sunday morning there was a bit of a drizzle with a high of nine degrees Celsius and windy. Water freezes at zero degrees. I asked and he said he was still game. It was cold, windy, with on and off rain with an ice crystal or two mixed in. It was like this all the way to Hinton. It is about seventy-five kilometres from Hinton to Jasper and the weather was nice and sunny. Still cold. Grab something to eat in Jasper and look for a hotel. Informed it is still high season and got quoted a few atrocious rates. If you are going to Jasper at any of the popular times book ahead. Back to Hinton which is just outside Jasper National Park and got a room for almost two thirds less.

At least the weather the next day was perfect without a cloud in the sky.


  1. I go to Jasper every year for 5-6 days, always in November. Rates then are around 60-70% less than June/July.

    1. Through the years I have visited Jasper during every season and twice at Christmas. I love the place. I have rarely planned a visit except for when I booked the Christmas package at the Jasper Park Lodge. I am one of those people that tends to just wing things in my off time.

  2. I always stay in Hinton. I used to stay at The White Wolf but I think it has since been sold and has gone to pot.

    I will always remember getting there in early May - amidst light flurries. The first thing the wife and I did after unpacking was hit the hot tub... and it was sheer heaven. It was during the week and mid-day so we had the pool and tub to ourselves. Sometimes a stay in a 3 star hotel is as good as a 5 star one. Anything can happen when you're on a motorcycle! :)