Sunday 18 September 2016

Not sure about this

Tried something a little different. I find some great black and white photos on the internet. I like this but I am not sure about it. I will have to play with black and white some more.


  1. Photography as a skill and photography as an art are two very different things.
    If you are asking for my scholarly opinion: you have the makings of an artist, I've seen it time and time again on your blog. But for this one here...? No offense, but I personally am not seeing it. Your pictures ( to me, at least) - they have an atmosphere sometimes. It's hard to describe! But sometimes I can almost feel the wind on those lonesome prairie grave yards. I can almost hear the crickets and bugs in the summerscapes. I can hear the silence (and the ghosts) in those sad abandoned buildings. Does that make sense? The black and white seems to have dropped that here.
    Perhaps CM or Lisa will, they probably have a better eye for that.

    1. You are right. I do not see it either. Something to experiment with more.

  2. I am no black and white expert, but I've found that black and white photography is all about light and shadow and contrast. Especially contrast between light and shadow.

  3. Great job BW, you got it all, leading lines with the fence and road and nice soft contrast from the sky to the tree. Looks good bud!!

  4. Pretty cool photo. I always loved B/W. I think it takes me back in time to when I watched all my favorite movies and shows on TV in black and white. I have a huge collection of old family photos, too. Some date back to the late 19th century. Whenever I dig them out it makes me feel that I belong back in that time instead of now. Or maybe it is a subconscious metaphor of simpler times when everything was black or white.................

  5. I like it; except for the tire tracks it could have been a shot of a dirt road 150 years ago. Black and White photography is very special. That's the only kind I saw growing up. Maybe because my Dad developed his own film, I learned to appreciate what it could show. Textures and shadows. Just look at those clouds!