Wednesday 14 September 2016

Highway 93 south of Jasper, Alberta

September 12, 2016. Jasper National Park is a great place to ride a motorcycle. On this day I rode home from Jasper to Airdrie making it home at nine at night. By that time the sun had disappeared an hour ago and it was cold. I needed a hot shower to thaw. The weather was crisp and the sky was clear. This may be the last long ride of this year. The bike needs new tires and I have other responsibilities. The long ride and getting chilled was worth it.

Looking back this summer was a summer of rain and some missed trips. No matter. There will be other opportunities.

The warm clear summer day today is causing me to second guess myself. I might have to price out tires.


  1. Go get the good tires; it just might be a mild Winter. And the road is ALWAYS calling.... :o)

  2. Chickenmom said it better than I could. Go for it!