Tuesday 6 September 2016

A few minutes in . . .

Readlyn, Saskatchewan on August 20, 2016. Why Readlyn? A person I sometimes correspond with, but have yet to meet, has a connection to this place. She told me about it so I got kind of interested about visiting it. I have visited other places on flimsier pretexts. Besides on a prior road trip I missed this by a few miles because I did not know it was here. It is a few miles off the highway and not all small towns are marked with directions from other roads.

This is a sign besides the railway tracks. You see railway town markers sometimes marking a town where the town has literally ceased to exist. Along the railway is Railway Avenue. Every town on the prairie that was by a railroad had a Railway Avenue. A few people still live here. It is almost a total ghost town.

Abandoned one room schoolhouse on Monroe Street. I would have liked to see inside. It is on someone's property and appeared to be locked.

Main Street.

McCaig Street. General store no longer in use.

This is across from the general store. It did not look occupied.

I have not been able to find much history online on this town. Some small towns did have their own telephone company so the sign may or may not have some significance.

Main Street again.

Main Street. 

I do not know what this road is or what the building was.

The final stop.

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