Sunday 11 September 2016

Sometimes the best place to be

Is sipping Scotch at the Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta


  1. Scotch. Fire in the fireplace. Looks like an ideal evening.

  2. Now that is a look of pure contentment! Thanks for sharing, BW! :o)

  3. Was it a crappy day down south too, BW? We got wind and rain up here and I left the bike in the shed!

    What were you drinking, BTW? I woulda thunk a man of wealth and means like you would have had the waitress leave the bottle.... :)

    1. I rode the motorcycle from Drayton Valley to Jasper and the weather could have been a lot better. The Scotch was Chivas Regal and since I was on a ride I did the responsible thing and stopped at one.

  4. Everything's better with Scotch. The entire world could be collapsing around us, the end near, and as long as the bottle's part full, it'd all be okay.