Monday 12 September 2016

Berrymoor, Alberta August 6, 2016

There is a new hall right beside this church. The church is beside Highway 759 north of Highway 39. There used to be a bit more to Berrymoor. A ferry used to cross the North Saskatchewan River here. I crossed it once when I was in my single digits. I have relatives just north in Tomahawk, west in Rocky Rapids, and in Drayton Valley. A bridge replaced the ferry many years ago. Some artifacts from here are in the Drayton Valley museum.

The church is abandoned and locked. It looks like there were times there were trying to save it or fix it. The roof is metal. The construction looks a little off, like the builder knew what a church is supposed to look like and did not get it quite right.

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  1. Would be interesting to know what it looked like when it was new. It sure has a lot of different styles going on.