Saturday 3 September 2016

Bay Island School

Highway 363 just east of Old Wives, Saskatchewan on August 20, 2016. The plaque on the rock says it was in operation from 1919 - 1950. I would have got a closer look but it is behind a barbed wire fence and on someone's property. This one is deteriorating. Unfortunate as you do not see a lot of one room schools anymore.


  1. Found it! It is out in the middle of nowhere. Imagine going to school there in the Winter!

  2. That is really cool. I am not the researcher that Chickenmom is,...wish I had links to more information and photos of these places....ummm yeah dude, that is a hint...LOL

  3. Sorry, wasn't finished...what is that large stone?..or I am not the first photo in the forfront of the photo. I cannot make it out. Please?