Thursday 8 September 2016


I am engaged in a bit of rivalry with someone on an internet forum. We have never met. We have a bit of an obsession with finding school markers, old schools, and where they once stood in Alberta. I freely admit that I am currently losing as she is proving to be quite a dedicated adversary. She lives in the Red Deer area of Alberta and I took the opportunity to find one on her turf that she has not been to yet.

Whoever Louis Cabelka was this is a unique gift.


  1. That is a nice one - and unusual! Good find!

  2. She sounds like a formidable opponent. I'm pretty sure I like the cut of her jib. Better watch out if she ever sees you on a back road.

  3. were gonna miss you!
    hopefully your rival will pick up when she cuts you off.

    1. During one of our internet exchanges she mentioned doing a guest post. I offered to let her do one if she is interested. She is the one where I got the idea to go to Readlyn, the subject of a prior post.