Tuesday 20 September 2016

Manyberries Train Station September 17, 2016

This was on my list for a few years. I got to connect with the owner of the train station in Manyberries, Alberta and managed to get an invite to see the place up close. This is the original train station that served this area. The tracks were torn up long ago. The station is now a private residence. It is owned by a husband and wife and their five year old son has one of the neatest places to spend his childhood. I think a lot of people would be envious. This is a personal highlight to see this. I have seen a lot of the wife's photos of this place that she has posted online and this is a very picturesque spot. 

I am extremely thankful they let me stop by and take some photos of the place. The photos could have been better but I think they had some place to be and did not want to overstay my welcome. It was a very windy and overcast day. The owners even showed me the inside. I did not take any interior photos as I wanted to respect their privacy and I did not ask. They preserved the original ticket window inside. They have a great collection of railroad stuff and local items and sometimes find some more interesting items when they go exploring on the property. I was very happy to get some information on some local history in the area.

They have some of the rail history posted. My reflection makes a bit of an appearance.

I had to walk out into the field to fit this in. The train station has a caboose to go with it on the right. The town of Manyberries is behind the station.

There is enough track set up for the caboose and scooter to sit on. The original tracks were torn up years ago.

I even got to see the inside of the caboose. It is original and cramped.

The lamp on the right is an original railway lantern with red and blue glass.

This caboose was heated by a stove. Note the coal scuttle.

Door to the caboose in the background. On either side are ladders where you can step up to the upper level.

Looking out across the roof of the caboose from inside the top of the caboose. Seating is on the upper level.

Love the bell.

Milk cans, crockery, and insulators which are original and very collectible. The insulator has "CPR" on it which stands for "Canadian Pacific Railway".

Restored luggage cart in front.

Another cart that has not been restored.

Looking out from the platform across the tracks. Lining the wood fence are old insulators that they have found.


  1. Really nice documentation of the site and contents! That caboose does look original inside, with the benches and stove that cabooses had.

    I wrote about the CP Stirling subdivision that Manyberries was the end of, at http://blog.traingeek.ca/2016/04/grain-elevators-of-cp-stirling.html and soon the subdivision will come alive again... it's been purchased by local interests and a locomotive is in Lethbridge waiting to be delivered to the line.

  2. Wonderful, just wonderful, BW! How lucky you were to be able to get a private tour by the owners. Would have loved to be there with you to see it in person!
    What a thrill it must be to actually live there and be surrounded by all the history!!
    (sigh) :o)

  3. This station is a treasure! Love the pics.

  4. What Chickenmom said. What an absolutely fantastic place to live!!

  5. Great photos... I love old trains and all the stuff that goes with them!

  6. Really good post...Love the photos!

  7. Great to have you out here! I enjoyed the visit. Come back anytime! :)

  8. Great to have you out here! I enjoyed the visit. Come back anytime! :)

  9. Do you, by chance, have any photos of the old Manyberries schoolhouse?

    1. No. Email me directly. I know someone who might.