Thursday 29 September 2016

Osborne School

This was an amazing find that I ran across purely by accident on September 18, 2016. I love finding stuff like this. It is a small one room schoolhouse in good condition. This is south and west of Jenner, Alberta. This is in an empty area of prairie. There is not much in Jenner either which is the nearest town.

I was really excited to see how good the inside is. Someone wrote some miscellaneous stuff on the board. Other than that it is in really good condition, no vandalism at all. 

This was very well built to survive this well. Very small. I would guess about six hundred square feet. There is nothing nearby and it is located off a side road. Finding spots like this are fun and make my day.


  1. What a great find! I wish the old schools here were marked to tell a little something about them the way they are there.

  2. I noticed each inside window frame has corner blocks - unusual to see on such a basic building. Someone took great pride in that!