Sunday 1 March 2015

Old abandoned rail bridge revisited

I have a post dated December 12, 2014 about this place. I decided to go back in winter and see what it looks like in a different season and from the other side. I drove there on January 18, 2015 which was not one of my better ideas. It had rained/snowed a few hours earlier and froze on the road surface making driving somewhat slippery. The entrance to the bridge was blocked by a high fence. The other side is not blocked by a fence. I declined to drive across the river to the other side. I have driven in all kinds of weather conditions but the thing that I do not like is freezing rain and the aftermath. I already had one encounter driving on ice this winter that I lost. I did find out that back in the day the bridge in addition to rail traffic also had vehicles cross as well. That must have made for a few interesting encounters. I had noticed some people cross country skiing on the river and there was open water in spots. Not smart.

Stuck my camera through a wire fence to take this shot

This is from a highway bridge showing the rail bridge in the distance

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  1. I'd wait for better weather!! Don't mind driving in snow - but on ice? No way! Snowing here again.