Friday 20 March 2015

Kathyrn, Alberta, March 4, 2015

According to Wikipedia, Neil McKay named this hamlet after his daughter. He had offered some of his land to the railway in 1911 for a townsite provided that he got to name the town. When the station was finally built in 1913, the painter misspelled Kathryn and the settlement became known as Kathyrn. The post office opened January 1, 1919.

Only a few people live in the area in modern homes. There is a modern school where people are bused in, a community hall, and a couple of old buildings. Whatever more was here disappeared long ago.


  1. Nice photos. I like the old store front.

  2. Attended school there for grades 1-10. Several of us would walk to the store occasionally to purchase: soft drinks, snacks, etc. There was the odd occasion during phys-ed class in Junior High that we would run the "triangle" (slightly more than a mile in length). There were 2 wooden grain elevators along the CNR line in the 60's and 70's. Great people (students, teachers, parents, farmers, etc.) and good times. Will always remember those days!

  3. There was a 2-sheet curling rink that was located @200m from the current north end of the school building; it was dismantled some 15+ years ago.