Thursday 19 March 2015

I heard you can cure a cold with Scotch

My employer - great guy by the way - insisted I hoof it over to a doctor's office. Apparently I will live, which may disappoint a few people. I have slurped enough DayQuil and thrown back enough Dristan that anymore would be hazardous my health. I just wish I could get rid of this raging headache where it feels like someone poleaxed me with a pool cue.

Practically the whole firm looks like they should have stayed home.


  1. Funny you should mention that!!! Got this "Head Blaster!" all my sinuses are totally clogged! Tried snorting some of that nasal spray, feel like I just snorted a pound of "Drano!!!" Throat is sore, got a slight far. If it doesn't get better, might have to go see the "Saw Bones!!" Just so long as he doesn't say,"He's Dead, Jim!" I might live!!
    I feel for ya' Buddy!

    1. I really should have stayed in bed today.

      There was an episode of M*A*S*H titled "A Full Rich Day".

      There was a missing soldier called Lt. Henri-Batiste LeClerq who was presumed dead. They are playing the national anthem of Luxembourg and the supposedly dead soldier turns up.

      Hawkeye says to Trapper "I thought he was dead."

      Trapper replies "He got better."

      So I am looking at getting better.

      (The only good episodes were the ones with Wayne Rodgers.)