Monday 2 March 2015

I am not one of those patient types

February 4, 2015 I bought a motorcycle from a former nun who currently works in the oil and gas business in Calgary (you cannot make this stuff up). She and her husband have been kind enough to store it in their garage until I can go pick it up. I have insurance and registration in place and a plate that I am ready to screw onto the bike. All I have to do is wait for winter to finally retreat and surrender. 


This an a photo off the internet of what I bought and is practically identical to what I purchased. The actual bike is in storage until I can pick it up and I am unable to get a photo of it at this time. Especially since the temperature took a dive and it snowed here today. 

I bought a 2006 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive. It is a bit newer that what I had before and has just over eleven thousand original kilometres (or a little under seven thousand miles). This bike was barely used. Yes, I know, I bought the same thing that I had before. I was not looking to buy the same thing, I checked out a number of bikes and this was a little over my budget however I could not find anything I liked that was as comfortable as this. One of the big reasons why I wanted this when I found it for sale is that it has ABS (storage is a little better and there are a couple of other goodies as well). Riding one of these is like riding a Goldwing without owning one.  

At this stage of my life if I am going to squeeze as much of my summer as I can on a bike I do not want to get off it walking like a hunchback. I want to enjoy myself and be comfortable doing it. Lastly, from personal experience, women are more likely to go for a ride on one of these than on a motorcycle. 


  1. so you dumped Ingrid and ended up with her younger, faster sister.

  2. Since you put it that way the whole thing sounds kind of sordid. Not that it is going to keep me up at night.

    My cousin Christine who bought the last bike from me has "banned" me from using the name Ingrid. So I am open to suggestions.

  3. I wouldn't say sordid....
    anyway, going with that theme is....

    Nina Bergman

    the interweb is a wonderful thing.
    dunno if the pic of her as wonder woman took or not.

    a personal preference, don't judge....

  4. Brilliant! I love it! Done.

  5. now just a couple of pinup stickers and you're set

  6. I was thinking of heated handlebars but your idea has merit as well.