Wednesday 18 March 2015


I was hanging out with my long time friend last weekend and found out something surprising. She had never been to an auction. I find it surprising because she grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan. 

My father loved to go to auctions. I can remember as a kid if we were in the car somewhere and a sign on the side of the road advertised an auction we had to check it out. Dad loved to bid on mystery boxes, stuff you bid on sight unseen. I recall one box of stuff he bid on and got it for two dollars. Inside was a complete set of sad irons, old sheep shears, a bayonet in a leather scabbard (that years later I traced to about WW I vintage) and a few other treasures. 

One auction that he and I were at he unexpectedly started bidding on a boat with a flying bridge. He had the last bid at eleven thousand five hundred dollars. The auctioneer pulled it and would not let it sell at that price. We went home without a boat, which was probably fortunate since mom would not have been too pleased. 

I have been to all kinds of auctions from livestock, coins, farm, vehicles, to charity fundraisers. I rarely buy anything, I just like to go. If it is an irresistible deal then I might cave, however I refuse to overpay for stuff. I rarely buy as I just never got into the habit of owning a lot of stuff, never mind things I do not need. I am a bit of a minimalist by nature. Getting back to the topic at hand I find going to auctions entertaining. There is always the possibility that the one item that is on your personal wishlist just might show up at a price you cannot walk away from. 

So there is a community fundraiser later this month at a small town just north of me that is auctioning off some farm stuff and then donated items to raise money for the community. I asked my friend if she would like to join me. It looks like we are good to go.


  1. My father and I went to many farm auctions when I was growing up.
    Now there's only a few actual farmers in my area.
    Have to travel farther for one now

  2. Big farm down the road has an enormous auction every year in April. Always fun to go to.