Monday 16 March 2015

Redland, Alberta March 1, 2015

I live in Airdrie, Alberta which is a little over an hour from Drumheller, Alberta. This gives me the opportunity to check out some places in the area that are not too far away. Not everything shows up on a road map but Google Maps is great for finding and discovering stuff. I noticed Redland when tracing an abandoned rail line from Drumheller. The road to Rosebud, Alberta is paved, from there to Redland is only about five miles by gravel road. I found out there used to be a post office there. A few residents live there, very few old buildings exist, nothing noteworthy to photograph. The two pictures that I did post at the bottom are from a hill above Redland showing the old rail line between there and Rosebud, Alberta. The rails were taken up but practically all of the rail bridges were left in place. The rail line in the satellite view curves from the bottom left across the middle to the right.

Google Maps is your friend

And so is Google Satellite View.

Old rail line. Redland is to the left.

Intact rail bridge.

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