Monday 9 March 2015


On August 7, 2014 Airdrie, Alberta got whacked, mugged, freight-trained, ambushed by a nasty hailstorm. The photos that I took do not really do it justice, if you are interested in viewing some real carnage do a Google image search by typing in “Airdrie Alberta August 7, 2014 hail”. There were much larger hail stones than the ones I have pictured.

Six months later crews are still repairing roofs and siding. You still see a lot of cars with hail damage. Just a couple of days ago on the way to work I saw one with hail damage that looked like someone took a baseball bat to it. If you drive around here you can still see houses waiting to be repaired where the siding looks like it has suffered the effects of a drive by shooting by automatic weapons.

Update to post

When this happened I did not really think about taking pictures. The blog would follow about three months later. I really didn't think about it when it happened, I left to go out of town on a trip and I really was not aware of the immediate damage. 

Below are a few news photos from the newspapers that reported it at the time and are kind of typical of what happened. The hailstorm caused about $450 million in damage.


  1. Hail is nasty - it can take the leaves right off of the trees

  2. Was there any damage to cars or windows?