Wednesday 25 March 2015


My employer - great guy by the way - gave me four tickets to the lacrosse game Friday March 20, 2015 featuring the Calgary Roughnecks and the New England Black Wolves. Lacrosse is the other Canadian national sport. I had never been to a game before. A friend, the brother-in-law, my nephew, and myself took up the seats. Great seats too, second level mid field. The nephew bought a hat and already has a jersey. I am obviously behind the times. 

It is a fast and high scoring game. Calgary won 20 - 9. These guys work hard and have to be dead at the end of a game from running up and down the field. This is a second job for most, if not all, of the players. No one gets rich in lacrosse. The crowd was into it, the music plays all through the game, breaks are short. I would have been yelling and cheering like the rest if my cold had not fried my voice. Fun time.  

The good guys score.

Frequent cheerleader breaks.

End of the game.

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