Thursday 19 March 2015

Update to January 9, 2015 schoolhouse post

A good friend of mine sent me some information from a neighbouring farm.

The schoolhouse was locally known as "Howard's School", after Hank Howard who donated the few acres it sat on. It was a one room school,  not insulated, and built around 1932, used until about 1952. The neighbour he talked to was sort of a custodian while also attending, and earned eight dollars a month to sweep and provide firewood. He supplied water for an additional two dollars a month from over a mile away. 

The school got torn down very recently by the person who owns the land. I would have liked the opportunity to take a quick look through it. Another local landmark vanishes. Kind of a before and after, June 17, 2014 versus March 7, 2015 when I last drove by. 

Howard's School June 17, 2014

Howard's School March 7, 2015

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