Tuesday 24 March 2015

Chancellor, Alberta

Named in 1913, obtained a post office in 1918, lost most of the buildings in a fire in the 1930's that were never replaced. Most of the residents moved to other nearby towns like Hussar and Standard. There once was a railway line. The memorial hall is the only original building still standing and really all that is left. You can see the outlines in the ground where there were buildings. There is a grain elevator that looks like it is being used by someone. Someone is building a new house close to the old hall. I was a bit surprised to find a sign showing where to turn just off the gravel highway.

Chancellor Memorial Hall, March 8, 2015
Abandoned rail line, no tracks, leading up to and past a grain elevator


  1. Love the windows on that building. Sometimes colored glass would be used in the little upper panes.

  2. Thanks for posting! The rail line was the Irricana Sub.; it extended from Bassano to Irricana. There was still present back in July, 2007 a grave for a railway construction worker who died when the line was being built in that area. It would be very reasonable to expect the site to remain in "perpetuity". It lies @200m east of the grain elevator and @7m south of the rail line grade.