Friday 27 March 2015

Scenes from the road

The August long weekend in 2014 I decided to venture out for a road trip. For no particular reason I drove from Airdrie, Alberta to Babb, Montana. The weather was fine until I got the the border crossing at Carway on the Canadian side. The forecast had been for clear sunny weather.

Forecasts sometimes lie.

Before the border crossing I started to get rained on. Then hail. I crossed with no issues. The rain and hail petered out quickly on the Montana side. I pulled into the parking lot of Throndson's General Store in Babb, Montana to try and dry out.

On the other side of the road a very large and very tall stereotypical outlaw biker type with a Harley locked onto me and started crossing the road. I am just under six feet and he was well over that. I thought, well, he can't be coming for me. Then when it was obvious that he was coming for me, the thought was that I could not remember running across anyone on the highway, I was the only one on the highway.  Not to mention he was already parked when I arrived. No idea how I could have made this guy mad and he did look that way. If nothing else, this could be interesting.

He got close and asked me where I came from. I told him and asked why. Apparently he and his buddy had crossed into Canada a little earlier on their way to Pincher Creek and turned back due to encountering golf ball sized hail. I told him the way seemed to be clear enough now to make a run for it. So what the hell, I asked if he minded taking my photo. 

This may be the one of the only photos of me to appear on this site. When it comes to me and pictures this is about as good as it gets. There are so few photos of me out there I might have a problem proving I exist.

The clouds in Montana had a decidedly filthy look about them and the novelty of getting further pounded by rain and hail had already worn off. It was back to Canada shortly after this.

Me, August 3, 2014 Babb, Montana with helmet hair


  1. Never met an unfriendly biker - ever. As for helmet hair, tie a bandana on first. It works!

  2. The blog is proof! Nice bike - a perfect cruiser.