Saturday 28 February 2015

Rowley, Alberta

I did a quick drive through Rowley on my way to Calmar, Alberta on February 14, 2015. It was not on my way but I had the time and I really felt like taking an out of the way detour. Plus I read about this place and I really wanted to see it. Apparently Rowley has an official population of eight. There used to be rail service through here, the rail line is abandoned. There are numerous buildings. It was a film location for "Legends of the Fall". You can tell that someone is trying to fix the town up and create a tourist attraction. I hope they succeed. 

I would have did a bit more exploring. The snow had drifted in some spots and the tires on the trusty Impala are not quite as good as I thought. A return visit is in order.

I hope someone gets around to fixing Highway 56. The sheer amount of cracks makes me hesitant to drive it again.

Approaching Rowley, Alberta

Abandoned rail line
Rowley train station
Bank building
One of the many buildings

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  1. Great photos! Naturally got me interested:

    'Hope you make it back there!