Thursday 26 February 2015


Last year during the summer I found myself having a few drinks one night at the Oil Country Taphouse in Drayton Valley, Alberta. Great food by the way, if for whatever reason you happen to find yourself in Drayton Valley I recommend stopping in. Regardless, I was there one night by myself for reasons I no longer recall when a guy at the bar who had more than a few drinks decided to be my friend and strike up a conversation.

I managed to find out that he had a trucking company, had been in the area for about twenty years, and spoke with a Slavic accent. As an aside, I always wonder why people who move to another country and have lived there for a number of years don't work to lose their accent. I digress. I had somewhat recently moved to the area from another part of the province. We had a few drinks, then he started asking me about who I knew in the area. I told him I really did not know many people in the area, I was from somewhere else. Then he got a slightly serious look and asked how I ended up there. To which I replied “Everybody has to be somewhere.”

He seemed to find this uproariously funny.

Thus a name was born.

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