Tuesday 10 February 2015

Farewell Ingrid

I parted company with Ingrid on the weekend. I sold the bike to my cousin who has insisted that she will be providing a better home. She may be right.

My take on the whole thing is that I was a bad influence on my cousin with her borrowing and taking the bike out enough times last summer that she eventually caught the motorcycling bug. It has definitely gone to a good home and I possibly picked up a potential cycling companion. Incidentally my brother-in-law recently bought a used motorcycle and he is likely getting anxious waiting for spring to arrive. After seeing what he bought I will admit to being a bit envious. 

Ingrid last summer in Drayton Valley, Alberta at my cousin's workplace

1 comment:

  1. Good news bad news.
    Good home for Ingrid
    Opportunity for you to try something else.
    What do you think you want next?