Wednesday 25 February 2015

The odd things that you find on the internet

I was searching Google for information on some Alberta history. On Google Maps on satellite view some nights ago I found photos of a one room school in a very rural part of the province. The dumb thing was I did not mark the location. I thought I could find it again by doing a search for “one room schoolhouse Alberta”. Instead I found a book that someone had written that was scanned and posted online where the author listed every Alberta one room schoolhouse they could find, the location, and a brief history of it. I spent a couple of hours scanning the book because I have weird interests. I have to admit I admire the dedication of the author to have published a book of over six hundred pages on a fringe subject. Not to mention that the subject matter was never going to be a bestseller.

If anyone is remotely interested, here is the link:

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