Monday 23 February 2015

St. Thomas' Anglican Church at Dinton, Alberta

I stumbled across this on Google Maps. The church is right on Highway 547 between Highway 799 and Highway 24 southeast of Calgary, Alberta. Dinton does not show up on any map but there was a community there at one time. There is a graveyard right by the church and that is really all that remains of the town. The church has kind of a weathered look to it.

I drove there February 8, 2015. The church was apparently built in 1906 and according to the sign services are still held there. When I did a little bit of research after my visit I found that this church was a location for one of the scenes in “Brokeback Mountain”. 

There are a lot of spots in Alberta that have been used as movie locations. Calgary and the surrounding areas show up a number of times in the first Superman movie.

Updated with a map for my favourite reader.

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