Wednesday 11 February 2015

Sharples, Alberta

Recently I tried to take a drive to Sharples, Alberta which is not far from Carbon, Alberta. This is a ghost town on a gravel road not far off the highway. At least I think this was Sharples, Alberta. I know there is a grain elevator or the remains of one there. I did not get to where the elevator was supposed to be as the road was icy and it is a cell phone dead zone. The weather was forecast to be nicer, the reality was different. There have been many times where I have driven through absolutely horrible weather with no problems but I really have an issue with freezing rain. Since I had not told anyone where I was going I decided to be on the safe side and try another day to go further down the road. This is what happens when I do not plan stuff ahead of time.

There are some abandoned buildings and the remains of an old rail line. The rail bed is still there, no tracks though. So far I have not found much information on the place. I will have to revisit in the summer. There are old abandoned coal mines in the area that I am also trying to locate for a future trip.  

Abandoned buildings
Gravel road leading to the town
A collection of deserted buildings
Abandoned rail line parallel to the road

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