Friday 15 September 2017

Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk September 9, 2017

Exactly as advertised. This is along Highway 1 east of Revelstoke, British Columbia. On a whim I pulled off the highway to check it out. Sometimes you have to satisfy your curiosity.

I really have to commend Parks Canada. They are one government agency that does a great job of setting up and maintaining interesting places in our National Parks. I have yet to run across a spot that they are responsible for that is not well maintained. Access to most places in the parks by vehicle is paved.

A well built footbridge over a creek leads the way.

Parks Canada has sets of red chairs in various places in the National Parks. 

The boardwalk is 1.2km long and I walked all of it. If I was going to see what this was all about I might as well get the full experience. It is one of the strangest boardwalks I have been on. It takes some sharp twists and turns, some places it is on a bit of an angle. There is no handrail. It is not very wide.

Whoever built this had a lousy job and I hope they got paid well. It is a wetland and it looked pretty boggy. It could not have been fun building it.

This was the best example of Skunk Cabbage that I could see. Practically all of it that I saw looked like it was trampled. Some of it might have been and it is the end of the season for it as well. I had seen Skunk Cabbage before when I was a kid living on the British Columbia coast. Sometimes you can smell it.