Friday 8 September 2017

Definitely Biggar!

Years ago I lived in a small town in northern British Columbia as a kid. My family made many trips to Watson Lake in the Yukon during that time. Watson Lake is home to the Watson Lake Sign Post that was started in 1942 by a soldier working on the Alaska Highway. It is a large collection of signs from all over. I remember seeing a "New York is big but this is Biggar" sign there. I could be wrong, memory is not perfect, that is the place that sticks in my mind where I saw it many years ago and it probably looked different. Nevertheless I got to see this sign in person in Biggar, Saskatchewan with that motto on August 12, 2017. Things like this make road trips fun for me. I get excited over trivial things.


  1. Love it! That logo is reproduced on the Prairie Malt Limited rail cars, on a smaller scale.

  2. My Mom grew up on a farm near Biggar during the Dirty Thirties. I don't know if they had the sign then. I still have relatives in the area. Never been there, myself.